Indoor spotlights

Directional and fixed LED lights


Indoor spotlights can help create well-positioned pools of light and direct the illumination with the two advantages: invent light effects to emphasise your personal and unique atmosphere, and make the most of the light resources at hand, also providing substantial energy saving.


Adjustable spotlights with dimmer


Home spotlights are very often used in living rooms and very large rooms to make certain angles lighter, to embellish, emphasize pieces of furniture, works of art and precious objects in the apartment. These effects are created using directional indoor spotlights, very often equipped with dimmers to adjust the intensity of the light beams and to create warm and soft illumination.


Recessed spotlights for ceilings


When the desired effect is slightly different, interior designers often turn to fixed spotlights integrated into furniture or recessed into surfaces:


  • spotlights for bedroom;
  • for drywall and ceiling;
  • for bathroom, SPA and colour therapy;
  • track-mounted lights, surface mounted, LED and halogen.

Black Out, Milan, provides designer spotlights to be mounted on ceiling or walls, with directional and energy-saving features, as well as recessed spotlights. The company is a trusted supplier for a large portfolio of architects, craftsmen and furniture makers operating in Lombardy, in addition to sales to the general public.

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