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Black Out dates back to 1978, and since then it has become a benchmark for lighting and design in Milan.

Located in the historic vicolo di Via dell'Orso, the store boasts professional staff who are always happy to demonstrate you the latest cutting-edge products and designs to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Black Out specialises in sale of LED lamps and offers special-effect lighting systems designed to enhance any environment, be it indoors or outdoors.

Why LED lamps?

LED technology has allowed the lighting industry to make huge strides forward: unlike traditional incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs (Light Emitting Diode bulbs) offer up to 85% of energy savings and a service life as long as 15 years. Due to their long life, maintenance costs are considerably cut down: LEDs also do not generate heat, thus allowing to reduce the waste of energy for indoor air conditioning and offering endless possibilities in light design.

Lighting showroom

Black Out is on the lighting market for over thirty years, distinguished by a strong design sensibility: the windows of our showroom in Via dell'Orso, in the immediate vicinity of the antique shops of Brera, make a strong avant-garde statement.

Four hundred square meters populated by the best names in the Creative Lighting industry. Always attentive to the newest technologies, Black Out offers a wide range of proposals and solutions to enhance both domestic and public lighting.

In our catalogue of lights you can find:

• LED lamps for indoor and outdoor

•LED lamps (suspended, wall-mounted, ceiling)


•scenographic lights

• LED bulbs and traditional bulbs


Our professional staff supports the customer through the entire process of their lighting precesses, lending a helping hand with lighting design, spot checks and supply of equipment.

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