Ceiling lights

Interior lighting

suspended lamps

The new trends in lighting design have led to the widespread use of pendant lamps, often with numerous light diffusers positioned in series or installed on a single suspended frame.


New-generation chandeliers


In terms of these sources of interior lighting we can't really speak of real chandeliers. These fixtures adapt to different types of environment and rather than being chosen just based on the intended use of the premises are selected to match the surrounding finishes and interior architecture.

Black Out is one of the most assorted and careful suppliers of ceiling lamps of the major Italian and international brands: lamp models Falkland, Nice, Bloom, Tinkerbell, Bijou are just some of the designer items available at our showroom.


Flos suspended lamps


We stock some of the most famous brands: Artemide, Maurer, Flos, and many more; creations from varied materials: glass, steel, fabric, blown glass, acrylic, polycarbonate; lamps that are mounted on rails or suspended from single on single or multiple cables, or installed in the ceiling. The choices are truly endless and can dramatically enhance interiors of kitchens, living rooms, boardrooms, studios and offices - wherever you choose to add a flourish of taste, elegance and distinction.

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