Bathroom lighting

bathroom lamps

The bathroom is one of the most private and intimate spaces in the house and correct lighting can turn it into a real experience, full of harmony and well-being.

Forbathroom lamps, visit Black Out. Its Milan showroom, locate in the prestigious area of via dell'Orso, displays refined and sophisticated lighting solutions especially designed to give light and colour to your bathrooms.

A tip for the bathroom: LED

Our range of bathroom lighting contains innumerable models and solutions: Black Out recommends using LED lamps and light bulbs, as they are extremely durable, require very little maintenance, and above all do not generate any heat - a feature that acquires special importance in small and cozy bathrooms.

Catalog of bathroom lights

In the store you can choose from our range of bathroom lighting solutions for all tastes, from the most modern and designer ideas to more traditional solutions, such as bathrooms lights in classic and rustic style.

Among our products:

• classic ceiling lights and ceiling neon

• applique style wall lights

• lamps for the bathroom mirror and lights for mirrors

• floor mirror with LED lighting

• suspended lights for bathroom

• adjustable lamps

• modular lighting for bathrooms

• toiletries lights

• light diffusors

• spotlights

• duet lights

For bathroom - the ideas by Artelinea and Kartell.

Assisted by our professional staff, you will be able to find the right solution to brighten up your bathroom with style and taste.

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